Dear students! Summer vacation has started! Have a nice and awesome summer! Pop in some time and check out the news! See you at the opening ceremony on 31th August!

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One student and two teachers are planning to go on a study tour to South-West England from August 1st. We wish them a good trip.
We are under negotiations with a British high school now. Hope to establish a good friendship agreement. Would you like to know more about this school? Just click here: Wolverhampton School UK
Our Rotary students are talking about our school! Click here to watch them:
Alex and Romerio's in our school WOW
Felipe's in our school WOW
We had our Finnish friends here between 11th April and 18th April. Here are the pix we have taken: Our Finnish guests
Our new Rotary students are here. You'll get the first interview with them soon. Hayden, Alex and Romerio! Welcome!
We had visitors from Staunton USA in June! Prof. Molly Petty and Willa Grefe her daughter visited our school.
You can see some photos here: Molly and Willa here
WE HAD THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE SCHOOL ON 11th APRIL! The Principal of Iiti Luiko High School Finland and the chorus of Nossen Germany High School with three teachers visited us and performed beautifully!
Here is the link of the greetings of other partner schools:
Greetings for the anniversary
Dear Students! We took part in Saint Patrick's festival! And won! The Fourth Place! Enjoy the video!
St.Patrick Festival Video

Dear Students! WE HAD A GREAT PROJECT WEEK in our high school! Here's the video on this project week! It's so cool! Enjoy it!

Project Week Video Snapshot
Dear Students! We are glad to announce that two travels are in the air: traveling to Nossen in March, and to Bad Driburg in May! Details later!
Dear Students!We had a Halloween Party on 31st October! Here is the video, enjoy it! Halloween party
Dear Students!We had freshmen's party on 3rd October! Here is the video, enjoy it! Freshmen's party
Dear Students! We had students and teachers from our partner school Bad Driburg and Nossen Germany! We are very happy to have them here! Here are the pix: Click here!
Our new ROTARY students arrived last week! See their first video shot and impressions:
Moira's and Felipe's introduction video
Dear Our Friends:
Our American friend, who also worked in Dabas and who welcomed us wholeheartedly last year in the USA,who just had his wedding in May 2014, Sir Derick Arbaugh, had a tragic car accident on 20th July and passed away giving back his soul to his Lord. He will be always here in soul. We will never depart. May God welcome you,my dear Friend,in His kingdom!

Our group of 16 people arrived from Bad Driburg (Germany). Here are some of the pictures they took; many thanks:
Bad Driburg Trip May 2014
Comenius Big Meeting in Poznan April 2-7. A group of 8 students and 3 teachers traveled to Poland for the meeting. Here are the pictures they have taken LOL:
Comenius big Meeting Poznan

SCOTLAND! A group of 21 students and two teachers visited Scotland via a packed tour! The summary of their experiences and the pictures can be seen here. Have fun!
Summary of the tour
Pictures of the tour
We had English detectives in our school: Mr Andrew Myers and three students visited our school in the frame of Comenius project. Here are some moments of their stay:
English detectives in TMG
Breaking news! Our Comenius Detectives in England! Here are the up-to-date pictures of their stay!
West Kirby Comenius (pix)
Our Comenius School detectives were in Frankfurt between 02.25. and 03.01.
Here is the "Bericht aus Frankfurt" they have written about the trip:
Bericht aus Frankfurt
Also you can see the pictures as well:
Comenius School Detectives in Frankfurt

Comenius meeting in West Kirby Grammar School: 16th January-22nd January 2014! Thank You all for the wonderful stay in the UK!
Comenius England Pictures

A group of 4 students and Mrs Zsadányi (teacher) visited Poznan in the the frame of Comenius program from 24th November to 29th November! The pictures are here:
Dabas-in-Poznan SD
We had Comenius school detectives from Poland in our school between 21st October and 26th October. Here are the pictures we took:
Comenius Poznan in Dabas School Detective (pictures)
Our friends from Bad-Driburg partner school visited us between 5th October and 13th. Thanks to them for their visit. We had a really good time!Here are the pictures:
Dad-Driburg in Dabas pix
DEAR FRIENDS! The Comenius meeting in Dabas is now over, and we would like to say thanks to all the people taking part in it.
Here are the pictures of Dabas Comenius Meeting:

Comenius Dabas (video)
Project in Hungary
TV Report on Comenius Dabas
Dabas Comenius 4.
Dabas Comenius 3.
Dabas Comenius 2.
Dabas Comenius 1.

COMENIUS school detective program: between 1st Sept. and 6th Sept. two students and their teacher visited us from Frankfurt. Here are the photos of the visit:
Photos of SD in Dabas
The radio report with the visitors can be listened to here:
Radio Riport with Nicki and Maxi

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